College “Prep” Rally Program

The Program:

The College "Prep" Rally, Transitional and Readiness Program is designed to put a unique spin on a "pep rally." Pep Rally's rallies build momentum for school year, motivation, school spirit, team building, school pride and most importantly, they are fun and entertaining. This is the concept behind our Prep Rally.

The College "Prep" Rally is an ongoing program, created for grades 9-12 and first and second year college students. It provides fun and unique preparation tools and experiences for high schoolers as they prepare for their college application and decision and offers ongoing support for program participants as they enter college and may need assistance with academic tutoring and obtaining their degree. We will work closely with local schools and community partners to identify students who would benefit from our program and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

The Need:

Students from low-income households face significant barriers to college access and success, including limited access to academic resources, lack of exposure to college culture and expectations, and financial constraints. As a result, these students are much less likely to enroll and complete college than their more affluent peers. Our college transitional and readiness programs can help level the playing field for these students by providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed. These programs offer academic support, college readiness workshops, career exploration activities, and other services that help students navigate the complex process of college admission and transition successfully into college life.

By helping students gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college and beyond, these programs can help break the cycle of poverty and improve the long-term economic prospects for individuals and communities. This program is essential in communities we serve because they provide students with the support and resources they need to overcome barriers to college access and success. By offering this program, we can help create a brighter future for students, families, and communities.

The Goal:

This goals of this program aligns with those of the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) which includes increasing post secondary degrees in Michigan and the Sixty by 30 Initiative. We plan to increase FAFSA completion and institution enrollment amongst participants and also help underclassmen get familiar with the process before it's their time.This program will be evaluated by measuring this information amongst participants and parents.

This program will help Michigan move closer to the state goal by offering resources and availability by a core community who lacks the resources and information needed to advance their academic careers. Our work will be done on a community level, giving opportunity to those who may not have it in schools and is also open to a broader group of individuals.

The Execution:

Our College "Prep" Rally, Transitional and Readiness program will be a series of weekend and virtual events for student in the community and each will be fun, interactive and informative, based on the curriculum developed for each session.

Get Involved:

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