A letter from our founder

When the concept of The Etiquette Series was formed, its intention was to provide the highest professional standards of coaching and education, to adults and children in underserved communities. This idea quickly flourished to what is now metro Detroit’s first nonprofit organization focused on etiquette, entrepreneurship and social arts. At The Etiquette Series, building confidence, providing opportunity and offering essential developmental resources is the nucleus of operation. With the use the correct and appropriate etiquette and skills it allows individuals to feel calm, at ease and confident in every situation. We instruct the balancing of life skills, lifestyle and entrepreneurship along with etiquette to push youth beyond what they can physically see to reach their highest potential in life.

As Founder and President of The Etiquette Series, Inc. it is my duty to call out the issues I witness amongst inner-city youth and serve as a conscious-minded leader to reverse the cycle of small mindset thinking in children, teens and all those who envision a livelihood without limits. The importance of educating youth throughout underserved urban communities’ the essentials to creating a personal and professional lifestyle that coexists with their ultimate goals is the commitment as we continue the work of TES.


President and Founder


Vice President




Board Member